7 Best Tools to Use for SEO

It can be difficult to master SEO especially for new SEO professionals unless they have certain SEO tools to help them. Some of the SEO experts have developed few SEO tools that are considered the best to make search engine optimization of a website easier. While these tools are great to help you, professionals get the best results when using them – it can take most people far too long to learn how to use them to get any real benefit, just like some of the Harrisburg SEO professionals.

Some of the best tools to use for SEO are briefly discussed here under for your guidance.


This SEO tool is admired by the SEO community because of its potential of assessing the ranking of a website easily. It can help them in making desired changes to improve the rank of the website on SERP before releasing it. The Domain Vs Domain analysis is the most popular feature of this SEO tool which allows the professionals to compare their website with that of their competitors to improve it more effectively.


This SEO tool is considered as one of the largest website crawlers as its site audit feature can help the professionals to analyse the part of their website that needs improvement to give it best ranking on search engine. It can also help them in finding out the backlinks on competitor’s website as well as the content most appropriately linked to your brand.


This SEO tool is used by expert SEO professionals to always get an insightful response for their every question. It is a full service tool to crawl a site or recommendation for proper keyword for your site or to know about the performance of your website so that it can be improved by making necessary changes. It also provides a free toolbar to see your metrics while browsing a page.


It is a SEO Keyword Tool that allows you to find the keywords with long tail to reduce the level of competition for your online business. Along with finding the best keywords this tool also helps in running analysis reports on SERP and backlinks. You can also know about the ranking of your website by using its rank tracker feature to make changes to improve its ranking.


This free SEO tool allows the newbie SEO professionals to find the number of times a keyword has been searched in a month as well as the problem caused by that keyword in the ranking of the website. It can also help in finding out the keywords used by your competitors so that you can make necessary changes to optimise your website more efficiently.

Answer the Public

It is another free SEO tool that can help you in finding the topics to write a bog for your e-commerce website. It can help you in creating a better content around your keyword to get better rank on search engines. It can also provide you topics suitable to your niche so that you can give them to your content writer to create and better blog for your website.


This SEO tool is considered as one of the best Marketing SEO Tools as it offers a number of useful features to analyse the position of your website. You can see the ranking of the top millions of websites by using its The Majestic Million feature whereas its Site Explorer feature allows you to see the number of links you have on your website and get a general overview of your online business.

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